The purpose of this site is simple- information, about the place and the people of the Nentir Vale and beyond, the locale of my various D&D 4e campaigns. To provide for the players, and any one else interested, a one-stop-shop which catalogues everything that is common knowledge, or else has been ‘discovered’ by the players during their various voyages of discovery, their adventures.

Note, I don’t expect this site to have ‘lots’ of info on it for a while yet- it is very definitely under construction, my target date for ready to roll is 1/1/15, and I’m doing okay so far.

As I have four (maybe five) campaigns on the go at the moment it seemed wiser to present all of this information in one place, rather than attempt to keep updating the other campaign sites I am in the process of constructing here at Obsidian Portal.

If any of this information is of any use to you then feel free to grab it.



Oh, but just a few notes- this Obsidian Portal D&D 4e Wiki works a little differently to many of others found here, don’t go looking in the Adventure Log for the action, there’s very little (if anything) there. Everything here is accessible via the Wiki button- go there and generally follow the links, you’ll soon get the hang of it. The only other sections used are the Characters and Maps sections- here you’ll find the various NPCs- as they are encountered by the adventurers, and a bunch of maps of various places.

Oh and all the NPCs are going to get nice pictures, check them out.

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The Nentir Vale and beyond (D&D 4e)

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