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Welcome to the Nentir Vale and beyond.

Over the years playing D&D 4e, with various adventuring groups, my version of the Nentir Vale (and beyond) has been fleshed out, this then is the repository of all (player) knowledge.

Please note however that this is an ongoing project, the knowledge for the most part either exists (at present) in my head, my player’s heads, or else on a variety of scraps of paper, or indeed within published books and modules.

The WOTC core campaign information for the Nentir Vale, mostly contained within the original 4e DMG, has been altered here and there to serve my purpose, as you’ll see. The best way I can think of cataloging the Vale (and beyond) is under the following headings-

1) The Gods.
The pantheon of the Gods, of all alignments.

2) The Nentir Vale.
Places of particular interest-
a) Fallcrest.
b) Winterhaven.

3) The History of the Vale and beyond.
a) The Calendar.
b) A Timeline of Events.

Take a look around.

Main Page

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